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Commercial Appliance Repairs Melbourne.

Are you in need of a reliable commercial appliance repair specialist in Melbourne? Look no further than PTL Equipment Services. Contact us at 0400 184 717

Commercial Appliance Repairs Melbourne

Fast, Friendly Commercial Appliance
Repairs in Melbourne.

Our team of technicians is fully qualified, highly experienced, and responsive to your needs. Whether you require routine maintenance or emergency repairs, we can provide you with a quick and efficient solution. If you run a business in Melbourne and need reliable commercial appliance repairs, call us today at 0400 184 717 to schedule a visit.

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Commercial Dishwasher Repairs Melbourne

Dishwasher Repairs

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Experienced Commercial Equipment Repairs in Melbourne

Commercial Appliance Repairs Melbourne

Experienced Commercial Equipment Repairs in Melbourne.

Your commercial kitchen equipment is your business’s backbone. PTL Equipment Services understands how faulty equipment impacts your business. We repair appliances quickly, efficiently, and affordably, so you can get back to running your business.

We repair all brands and models of commercial appliances, and can often fix the problem on the spot. We arrive in fully stocked vans with the latest tools and technology to diagnose and repair your equipment. In addition, we have some of the most qualified commercial appliance repair technicians in Melbourne.

Commercial Appliance Repair Melbourne

We provide a comprehensive range of commercial appliance repair services in Melbourne, including:

Repairs for all dishwasher problems, including bad odors, leakage, poor drainage, no power, faulty electrics, incomplete cleaning, and unusual noises.

Repairs for combi ovens include no power, intermittent power, uneven cooking, a faulty thermostat, and damaged pilot lights.

We can fix all types of oven problems, whether they are heating issues, temperature issues, or damaged pilot lights.

We fix all types of cooktop problems, including heating issues, problems adjusting the temperature, sparks, and non-working indicator lights.

All types of fryer problems can be handled by our team, including broken thermopiles, faulty thermostats, blocked burners, and a malfunctioning high-limit switch.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Repairs

Trusted Commercial Appliance Repair Services in Melbourne.

At PTL Equipment Services, we pride ourselves on providing reliable, high-quality commercial appliance repair services across Melbourne. Our technicians have a wealth of knowledge gathered over the years, allowing them to quickly diagnose and fix all types of problems, from the simplest to the most complex.

We strive to offer a permanent, lasting solution to minimize disruption at your facility. When our team handles an issue, you can be sure that it won’t happen again. Our technicians not only fix a problem quickly but also get it right the first time, assuring you of complete peace of mind.

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For all your commercial appliance repair needs in Melbourne, trust the experts at PTL Equipment Services. Our team is dedicated to providing you with unmatched service and quality workmanship. Contact us today at 0400 184 717 to schedule a visit from one of our technicians.